The Way Out West Coalition (WOW) is a community-based coalition that promotes safe and healthy choices by presenting a targeted message with a special focus on reducing alcohol, marijuana and prescription drug use in Buckeye among youth.

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We seek to educate our community and implement environmental strategies that give every kid in Buckeye the opportunity to live a drug-free life.

What is Fentanyl?

Our coalition is a collaborative and cross-cultural effort, representing different community sectors in the City of Buckeye including: Behavioral Health, Business, Citizens, Civic, Education, Faith-based Organizations, Government, Health Care, Law Enforcement, Parents, Youth, and Youth Serving Organizations.  Coalition membership is open to any interested individual.

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The Way Out West Coalition is funded by the Buckeye Police Department in partnership with Youth4Youth.


February 2023

Party in the Park | Downtown Buckeye

Party in the Park in Downtown Buckeye. Come see us and pick up FREE resources and Narcan!   Local vendors, $2 Bingo, Bounce Houses, 50¢ Face Painting, delicious FOOD, B.P.D. SWAT, B.F.D. Firefighters, B.V.F.D. Firefighters, Entertainment, Music by DJ Martin!


January 2023

Fentanyl Education Summit

Visit link for details & registration: https://www.goodyearaz.gov/government/departments/police/community-policing/fentanyl-educational-summit


January 2023

Race to the Runway: Buckeye Marathon 2023

We will be at the Buckeye Marathon! Location — Buckeye Municipal Airport 3000 S. Palo Verde Road Buckeye, Arizona 85326 Register before prices increase! -> https://raceroster.com/events/2023/60773/9th-annual-buckeye-marathon-half-marathon-10k-5k-and-1-mile-fun-run Buckeye Events webpage: https://www.buckeyeaz.gov/community/residents/events-in-buckeye/buckeye-marathon


November 2022

Buckeye Tree Lighting Ceremony 2022

We had a great time giving out information at the Tree Lighting Ceremony! For more info: https://www.buckeyeaz.gov/community/residents/events-in-buckeye/holiday-activities   


August 2022

Stephanie Siete to Speak at September Meeting

Experience Nationally Renowned Speaker Stephanie Siete at our September meeting! Stephanie is a passionate speaker about the impact of drug abuse on American culture today. 2016 Director’s Community Leadership Award Recipient, Stephanie Siete   People can no longer experiment or try just once, as one pill can kill. Many drugs are cut with fentanyl and...


April 2022

DEA National Prescription Drug Take Back Day | April 30

Thank YOU, Buckeye! Once again, you’ve helped keep our youth safe and healthy by disposing of your unused/expired medication at our DEA Drug Take-Back last Saturday. We collected 35.4 lbs! Distributed: 12 NARCAN® Nasal Spray 15 Resource Packets Until next time, WOW Coalition Missed it? Here is a DEA Drug Drop Off Locator: https://apps.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/pubdispsearch/  ...



Our Goal as Parents

Posted on 9/12/23

This is an exciting time for our teens, where they experience increased cognitive abilities, learning, and memory due to the brain’s ability to rewire its connections in response to experiences. What triggers this transition? Physical development (aka puberty), which also initiates brain development. As a teen, I am not only dealing with the stresses of...


Rx Drugs & Opioids

Posted on 9/4/23

The impact of physical pain on the lives of millions of Americans cannot be underestimated. Opioids, once prescribed to alleviate suffering, have now exposed us to an alarming “opioid crisis” due to their highly addictive nature. Mitigating youth access to prescription medications is imperative, as studies reveal that 60% of teenagers who misuse prescription drugs...



Posted on 8/30/23

What if someone gave you an easy way to become more upbeat, positive, and energized? Would you take advantage of it? Scientists now know people who practice gratitude and appreciation reap many benefits, such as improved physical and psychological health, increased energy, reduced stress, improved quality of sleep, and mental strength. Gratitude reduces negative emotions...


Teen Drug Trends

Posted on 8/25/23

Drug abuse among teenagers is a growing concern worldwide, and it is imperative that parents, grandparents, teachers, and community leaders take an active role in preventing it. Substance abuse can lead to various health, social, and legal problems, and educating young people about the dangers of drugs is important. Popular Drugs Among Teens Teens’ most...


A Lethal Experiment

Posted on 4/25/23

Experimenting with drugs is more dangerous than ever. With 6 out of 10 counterfeit pills in 2022 containing enough fentanyl to potentially kill your child (just 2 mg), as found by the DEA, there is a 60% chance of one pill destroying your child’s life. ONE pill can kill. And—it is not just pills like...


The Three Keys of Success

Posted on 11/30/22

Winning the Inner Game – 1st Key of Success We all have what we call the inner game, or Thought Habits, habitual ways of thinking. They allow us to either talk ourselves into or out of opportunities daily. Thought Habits also impact whether one’s thinking is positive or negative. Quotes are one of many ways...