As members of the WOW Coalition are committed to preventing alcohol, prescription drug misuse and abuse, marijuana, tobacco and other drug use in Buckeye, Arizona. We are represented by multiple community sectors in the City of Buckeye including Behavioral Health, Business, Citizens, Civic, Education, Faith-based Organizations, Government, Health Care, Law Enforcement, Parents, Youth, and Youth Serving Organizations. Coalition membership is open to any interested individual.

WOW Coalition Staff

Larry Tracey, Executive Director | Email:

Joe Tracey, Youth4Youth Program Director

Shana Malone, Evaluator Consultant

Alexis Leffew, Multimedia Designer & Social Media Manager

Alva Tovar, Coordinator of Community Programs



Subcommittee Members

Marketing Committee

1. Responsible for social media and marketing outreach to include, print ads, billboards, articles and developing topics for Public Service Announcements (PSA’s).

2. Suggest educational materials and handouts for development.

3. Review and update new member orientation materials on an as needed basis.

  • Alexis Leffew
  • Alva Tovar
  • George Hester
  • Judi Hedstrom
  • Larry Tracey
  • Lon Sage
  • Tiffany Topie
  • Rikki Sechrist
  • Michael Gunderson


WOW Education | Community-Based Committee

1. Identify community training and informational needs.

2. Determine necessary prevention materials the coalition uses to educate community members.

3. Plan and facilitate community events to educate the community about perception of the risks (physical harm and external consequences) and community knowledge of protective factors that help reduce youth marijuana use, underage drinking, and youth Rx drug misuse.

  • Alva Tovar
  • Claudia Slate
  • Gayle Kazmierczak
  • Hayley Winterberg
  • Larry Tracey
  • Lindsay Mulhall
  • Lisa Bohannan
  • Nicole Pelcic
  • Rikki Sechrist
  • Michael Gunderson


WOW Education | School-Based Committee

1. Responsible for developing and implementing prevention programming for our schools.

2. Determine and align prevention materials used to educate youth.

  • April Young
  • Chad Lanese
  • Donna Allsman
  • Edgar Garcia
  • Gale Taylor
  • J Aaron
  • Jason Weeks
  • Jenna Burden
  • Larry Tracey
  • Laura Haarstad
  • Marsi Cobb
  • Paul Tighe
  • Sherry Saylor
  • Tammy Doerksen


WOW Environmental & Community Committee

1. Responsible for focusing on changing norms, adopting and enforcing laws and regulations, and reducing the availability and access to alcohol and other drugs.

2. Identifying environmental changes that, over the long term, will make meaningful impact on the problem of substance use.

  • Alva Tovar
  • Craig Heustis
  • David Stockton
  • Larry Hall
  • Larry Tracey
  • Robert Garza
  • Robert Sanders
  • Rikki Sechrist
  • Michael Gunderson


WOW Membership & Cultural Committee

1. Responsible for building coalition membership and member retention.

2. Identify, recognize and reward coalition and community members whose efforts support our mission. (3 times annually: November / February / May)

3. Develop coalition participation from all school districts located within the City of Buckeye.

4. Responsible for assessing the coalition’s current level of cultural diversity; identifying barriers and gaps, and take action steps to fill those gaps.

5. Alignment of policies, processes, and materials to reflect our diversity.

  • Alva Tovar
  • Ashley "Ash" Rees
  • Clyde Miller
  • Pat Rovey
  • Paul Martinez
  • Rachel Sanders
  • Vern Koehlinger
  • Al Uretsky


Youth Committee

1. Responsible for developing peer-to-peer anti-substance use messaging; tasks include: Get in the Way material creation, PSA development and social media plan implementation.

2. Implement the citywide Get in the Way Campaign.

  • Larry Tracey
  • Joe Tracey
  • Alva Tovar
  • Gracie Edwards
  • Tayme Arnold
  • Anthony Rodriguez
  • Adamari Giachetti
  • Kaden Kinworthy
  • Alexis Toda
  • Patrick Lablanc
  • Meghan Pablo
  • Hailee Hampton
  • Marilyn Pablo
  • Zyen McHenry
  • Canaan Dowling
  • Cloie Hopkins
  • Daea Eustice
  • Estcy Vallocillos
  • Kayla Maltbie
  • Alyssa Kizzar


City of Buckeye

Eric Orsborn, Mayor of Buckeye

Craig Heustis, Vice Mayor, Buckeye City Council

Christine Grundy, City of Buckeye

Maria Riebs, City of Buckeye

Larry Hall, Buckeye Chief of Police

Robert Sanders, Buckeye Assistant Chief of Police

Don McWilliams, Buckeye Police Department | Block Watch—Neighborhood Services Mgr.

Carissa Planalp, Buckeye Police Department | Public Information Officer

Bob Costello, Buckeye Fire Department

Robert Garza, Buckeye Fire Department

Dreanna Kupcik, Buckeye Valley Chamber of Commerce

Rachel Sanders, Buckeye Family Resource Center


Buckeye Schools

Dr. Drew Davis, Assistant Superintendent, Buckeye Elementary School District

Dr. Chad Lanese, Executive Director of Student Services, Buckeye Elementary School District

Lon Sage, Community and Family Engagement Coordinator, Buckeye Elementary School District

Sherry Saylor, Buckeye Elementary School District, Counselor


Southwest Behavioral Health Services

  • Ashley "Ash" Rees, Program Director, Buckeye Outpatient Clinic
  • Thalia Williams

Estrella Publishing

  • Al Uretsky


Other Members

Jesse Knight, American Legion

Janet Olson, APECA/Natalie’s House

Mary Rabago, Mary Rabago Productions

Kathy Raftery, All Faith Community Service

Lydia Martinez, Member

Paul Martinez, Pastor of Church of the Nazarene & Chaplan at Hospice of the Valley

Vern Koehlinger, Pastor of Living Water Lutheran Church