As members of the WOW Coalition are committed to preventing alcohol, prescription drug misuse and abuse, marijuana, tobacco and other drug use in Buckeye, Arizona. We are represented by multiple community sectors in the City of Buckeye including Behavioral Health, Business, Citizens, Civic, Education, Faith-based Organizations, Government, Health Care, Law Enforcement, Parents, Youth, and Youth Serving Organizations. Coalition membership is open to any interested individual.

Tedy Burton, WOW Coordinator of Membership & Business & Buckeye Valley Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Niky Burr, Southwest Behavioral Health Services

Dylan Basch, Student

Bob Costello, Buckeye Fire Department

Dr. Drew Davis, Assistant Superintendent, Buckeye Elemenetary School District

Gracie Edwards, Student

Jaqueline Garcia, Student

Robert Garza, Buckeye Fire Department

Christine Grundy, City of Buckeye

Larry Hall, Buckeye Chief of Police

Craig Heustis, Buckeye City Council

Jesse Knight, American Legion

Dreanna Kupcik, Buckeye Valley Chamber of Commerce

Kyrese Lands, Student

Jeff Lumadue, Buckeye Police Department

Lydia Martinez, Citizen

Paul Martinez, Citizen

Brian McAchranWOW 

Don McWilliams, Buckeye Police Department-Neighborhood Services Mgr.

Jackie Meck, Mayor of Buckeye

Janet Olson, APECA/Natalie’s House

Matt Ozment, Student

Mary Rabago, Mary Rabago Productions

Kathy Raftery, All Faith Community Service

Mary Riebs, City of Buckeye

Anthony Rodriguez, Student

Angelo Rossetti, WOW Coalition Coordinator of Community Programs & FPC Financial Coaching

Kathy Rossetti, Parent

Lon Sage, Buckeye Elementary School District

Rachel Sanders, Buckeye Family Resource Center

Robert Sanders, Buckeye Assistant Chief of Police

Sherry Saylor, Buckeye Elementary School, Counselor

Cheryl Sedig, City of Buckeye

Richard Todd, Buckeye Police Department Chaplin

Tiffany Topie, Marionneaux and Jasinski Elementary Schools, Counselor

Carolina Torres, Student

Larry, WOW Coalition,

Ryan Uretsky, Estrella Publishing

Kathy Villa, Southwest Behavioral Health Services

Thalia Williams, Southwest Behavioral Health Services