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GOYFF | Substance Use Prevention

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Fentanyl Alert – Counterfeit Pills

| Illicit Fentanyl Pills Circulating in Arizona

  1. Preventing an Opioid Overdose Tip Card [PDF]
  2. One Pill Can Kill | Fake Oxy's and Fentanyl [JPG]
  3. Ask About Naloxone Today | How to reverse an opioid or heroin overdose [JPG]
  4. Heroin, Fentanyl & Other Opioids eBook / WOW Recommended [PDF]
  5. Opioid Use Disorder and Treatment [HTML]
  6. Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) [HTML]
  7. How to Tell if Someone is Shooting Up [HTML]

Reversing an Opioid Overdose

How to Tell if Someone is Shooting Up

Signs You May Have SUD

One Pill Can Kill | Fentanyl

One Pill Can Kill Part 2 | Fentanyl

    1. Parents of Addicted Loved Ones [HTML]
    2. What Parents Need to Know About Vaping [PDF]
    3. Parents and Quick Tips About Teen Vaping [PDF]
    4. Marijuana Talk Kit for Talking to Your Teens / WOW Recommended [PDF]
    5. Parent Talk Kit: Tips for Talking and What to Say to Prevent Drug and Alcohol Abuse / WOW Recommended [PDF]
    6. Fact Sheet - Rx Stimulants and Benzodiazepines / WOW Recommended [PDF]
    7. How to Handle it When You Catch Your Teen Using [PDF]
    8. 10 Dumb Reasons (for teens) [PDF]
    9. Kratom | What is it? [PDF]
    1. Substance Abuse in Veterans: A Guide for 2021 [PDF]
    2. PTSD Self-Test here:  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Screening Test [PDF]
    1. Find substance abuse treatment for themselves or others [HTML]
    2. Recovery Village Alcohol Abuse and Addiction Information [HTML]

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    Provides parents, caregivers, healthcare providers, educators and others with educational tools, information and resources. Useful and easy to use resources to raise drug-free youth.

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    Social Host Ordinance | How to report underage drinking [PDF]