February 2016

Coalition Meeting!

cohol and substance abuse, we would love to have you come be a part of our meeting. On the schedule for this month is subcommittee meetings—don’t roll your eyes! Real work gets done in them! The Information Dissemination...

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November 2015

Get in the Way Campaign Expands: Have You Seen the Hand?

erage drinking. Their success has been awarded the designation of Evidence Based Program (EBP) for two consecutive years by the Arizona Department of Health Services. They are building on that success as they expand to a...

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June 2014

Keeping Our Teenagers Safe Over the Summer

urself back to the time of yearbook signings, cleaning out your desk or locker and the feeling of freedom you felt when the bell rang for thelast time for the school year. Watch out summer, here you come! There is no...

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November 2014

This Will Never Happen to My Kid, or Could It?

appened to overhear the lady next to me on her cell phone, talking to her daughter. The focus of their conversation was the mother’s concern over her college-freshman daughter’s drinking habits, and it...

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August 2014

The Dual Reality of Back-to-School: Quick Tips for Parents

rt with the good. The new school year new brings a fresh start. It’s a time to set and write goals, become involved in sports, join new clubs or volunteer activities, develop friendships and study new...

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