I’m sure you’ve heard about the Opioid epidemic. Yes, it’s real and teens and adults are dying in Buckeye as a result. The truth is there have been teen deaths related to opioids and prescription drugs in our area but we do not hear about it because they are minors. Thus, no information is released. Yet kids are dying. Educating the community regarding opioids can make an immediate difference and save lives. The Way Out West Coalition feels it’s time to Get in the Way, To Say Something, To Do Something. It is a call to action and we invite you take an hour to be part of a Community Conversation “Saving Lives in Buckeye”. This is a conversation about keeping kids safe and how to prepare them to respond positively to the negative influences that they face on a daily basis.



Sundance Community
– January 22

Tartesso Community
– January 24

Lower & Historic Buckeye Community
– January 29

Westpark Area Community
– January 31

Verrado Community
– March 21 – Saving Lives 2

Sun City Festival

We hope to see you there! This information is important for parents, grandparents, caregivers, and community members.

Let’s Get in the Way Together.