WOW’s Winter Work

What We Did in the Third Quarter

The winter quarter is busy for the Way Out West Coalition.

As those who read our blogs know, we divide our work into three areas with a staff member in charge of each area. That staff member works with a team of coalition members in a subcommittee. So, what have we done?

Get in the Way Campaign

The ID subcommittee’s work is on display all over Buckeye.

In March, youth from local high schools, such as Britney Klawhun pictured to the left, placed in 144 businesses Get in the Way posters and/or Table Tents.

Click on the picture or link above to read more at Also, remember to “Look for the Hand” if you’re shopping or eating in Buckeye!

Party Patrol

From January 1 through March 31, Party Patrol worked every weekend keeping our teenagers safe—over sixty hours of service. During that time, they went to 191 destinations and contacted both youth and adults.

Officers cited only a few people this quarter, which translates to almost no youth found with alcohol or illicit drugs. Parents and concerned adults should always be vigilant for our youth, but we’re headed in the right direction.


This subcommittee worked on two tasks in the third quarter.

The first task was blogging, and since you’re reading this blog, we’ve achieved our goal!

Our second task is producing a program for 6-8 grade focused on prevention. We’ve decided on Project Alert, and are working to test the program.

Other Items of Note

The WOW Coalition found itself in the local newspapers because of the new Prescription Drop Box in Buckeye. We partnered with the Buckeye Police Department to locate drop boxes across the city, and opened the first working box in January.

We’ve also slightly changed our website, posted two advertisements on MC85, and have appeared throughout the city encouraging adults to Get in the Way of teenage alcohol and drug use.

If you would like to help get in the way, come to our next coalition meeting, or contact us through our website! We welcome all the help we can get.






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