Vaping and Marijuana Oils

The Vaping Crisis

There is a rapidly growing vaping crisis highlighted by 450 illnesses and four deaths as a result of the use of e-cigarettes. Most consumers have viewed e-cigarettes and vaping marijuana oils as harmless, but health officials are now warning the public to cease the use of e-cigarettes.

Especially vulnerable are youth who are attracted to the “cool” factor of vaping. However, youth and vaping do not mix for a healthy future. The bottom line from federal health officials is that “e-cigarettes are never safe for youth, young adults, or pregnant women.” The Way Out West Coalition is dedicated to giving the youth of Buckeye every opportunity to live a drug-free life.

As a community we can join forces to Get in the Way, to Say Something, to Do Something and have life-saving conversations with our youth about the dangers of vaping and the affects of marijuana on the young developing brain.

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