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What Parents Need to Know About Juuling in a Nutshell
Here’s a quick overview – Make sure you view the two video links below (2 and 3 minutes each) with substance abuse expert Mike Gimble.

A Juul is a tiny device, resembling a flash drive. It can be easily hidden among school supplies or concealed in pockets and backpacks. It is USB chargeable, simple to use and comes in a variety of kid-friendly flavors—including mango, cool cucumber, fruit medley and crème brulee. The flavored pod attaches to the charged device, which heats up the pod’s liquid. The user then ‘draws’ on the device to inhale the vapor into his lungs. Each pod is the nicotine equivalent of 200 puffs, or an entire pack of traditional cigarettes. This is also the capacity of a single charge. Pods are generally sold in 4-packs. Because JUULing puts off significantly less vapor than other e-cigarettes, it is extremely discreet. A rash of online videos show kids JUULing at school, exhaling into shirts or backpacks to hide the vapor, which disappears in an instant. JUUL puts off a sweet, fruity smell—easily mistakable as perfume or hair product, making it difficult for school officials and other adults to detect. Many use wraps to personalize, add color and character to their device.*




(*Information resourced from Working Mother and

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