A Lethal Experiment

Counterfeit Pills and Your Kids
2 mg, a lethal dose of fentanyl
2 mg, a lethal dose of fentanyl

Experimenting with drugs is more dangerous than ever. With 6 out of 10 counterfeit pills in 2022 containing enough fentanyl to potentially kill your child (just 2 mg), as found by the DEA, there is a 60% chance of one pill destroying your child’s life.

ONE pill can kill. And—it is not just pills like Percocet, Adderall, and Xanax—it is being found in other street drugs such as marijuana, heroin and cocaine.

Parents like Rebecca Kiessling did not realize the threat our nation is truly facing until her two boys died of fentanyl poisoning. She expressed in an interview with Tucker Carlson, “People didn’t used to die from experimenting with drugs.” Before Congress, she stated, “…law enforcement made it clear to me that this fentanyl came from Mexico. It came from our southern border. I didn’t know what fentanyl was. I didn’t know what Narcan was. …I didn’t know people were dying.”

Parents, they need you. Your son or daughter is not immune—talk to your children. It is not your father’s Percocet or your grandmother’s weed. Prevention starts at home; keep communication open and build those relationships. Kids often do not want to disappoint mom and dad; this can lead to hiding from you or running toward you in times of trouble. Which will it be?

Ms. Kiessling mentioned Narcan earlier; this is a vital tool in saving lives from opioid overdose deaths. Narcan is a nasal spray version of naloxone, an opioid antagonist; used to temporarily push opioids off opioid receptors in the brain, blocking their effects. Without a prescription, you can get Narcan from a pharmacy or find a local distributor on NaloxoneAZ.com, free-of-charge! Having Narcan on hand is vital in today’s world, and you can find out how to use it among many other free resources at wayoutwestcoalition.org/resources.

We exist to serve you, our community. Please spread this information to everyone; we want to see more lives saved from fentanyl poisoning and accidental overdose.

The WOW Coalition is a prevention association that promotes safe and healthy choices and responds to problems caused by marijuana, nicotine, and opioid use by implementing strategies to prevent and reduce youth substance use. For additional information, visit wowcoalition.org, call us at (623) 208-3230 or email: info@wowcoalition.org.

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