The Way Out West Coalition started party patrols in 2010, to address underage drinking in Buckeye.  There were several issues they addressed.  The first was to respond to those providing alcohol and drugs to minors.  With the passage of the first Social Host Ordinance in Maricopa County, Buckeye police, city leaders, parents, and grassroots leaders decided to actively pursue those endangering our youth who were providing alcohol, drugs, and even places to party in the Greater Buckeye area.  Secondly, WOW analyzed the data to undercover the violent crime, assaults, unplanned pregnancies, and continued drug-use that was tied to underage drinking.  Simply put, the party patrol officers are not on the street to “ruin lives”, but to save them!  That has always been the goal of Buckeye Party Patrols.

The party patrols have changed over the years, but 3 priorities remain.
  1. Actively pursue and arrest those providing alcohol and drugs to anyone under 21.
  2. Address underage drinking and drug use by citing those using illegally.
  3. To educate the public about their personal role in preventing substance abuse in order to make Buckeye a safer place to raise our children.

Currently Maricopa County Sheriff Deputies and Detectives are working Buckeye’s party patrol.  They are uniformed officers who drive a variety of vehicles to go where the parties are (in the city, or in the desert).  If you want to know more about the research that lead to party patrols, the positive impact that they have had, or the way we prioritize calls, please contact us.