August 2018

Get in the Way Quick Tips Starts Today – Tip #1


July 2018

Saving Lives in Buckeye – Have You Seen the Hand

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Opioid epidemic. Yes, it’s real and teens and adults are dying in Buckeye as a result. The truth is there have been teen deaths related to opioids and prescription drugs in our area but we do not hear about it because they are minors. Thus, no information is released....


April 2018

National Drug Take-back Day

This Saturday, April 28, is National Drug Take-back day. You can Get in the Way of Rx Abuse by disposing of unused medications properly. Stay away from old school thinking of flushing your unused meds. We now know “flushing” is contaminating our water supply. Don’t Share, Lock Them Up, and Dispose of Properly!



Vaping and Marijuana Oils

Posted on 9/16/19

There is a rapidly growing vaping crisis highlighted by 450 illnesses and four deaths as a result of the use of e-cigarettes. Most consumers have viewed e-cigarettes and vaping marijuana oils as harmless, but health officials are now warning the public to cease the use of e-cigarettes. Especially vulnerable are youth who are attracted to...


Opioid Crisis Update

Posted on 9/10/19

Physical pain has a tremendous impact on the lives of millions of Americans, many of whom have been prescribed opioids to relieve their suffering. However, we now know these pain relievers are highly addictive; so much so that we now find ourselves in an “opioid crisis.” Reducing youth access to these prescription medications is important...


Reducing Back-to-School Stress

Posted on 8/22/19

With a new school year beginning, what words tend to bring chaos, stress and drama? If you said, “mornings”, “kids” and “getting ready for school” – you nailed it. Fact is, the new school year is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start and integrating new behaviors into the family lifestyle that will reduce a...


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