Try these quick and easy resources:
  1. Heroin-Fentanyl-Other-Opioids-eBook – Parent Resource/WOW Recommended
  2. Marijuana Talk Kit for Talking to Your Teens/WOW Recommended
  3. Parent Talk Kit: Tips for Talking and What to Say to Prevent Drug
    and Alcohol Abuse/WOW Recommended
  4. How to Handle Leftover Medication
  5. Where to Safely Drop-off Used Medications in Buckeye, AZ
  6.  2018_WOW_One_Sheet What is WOW? – An overview of the Way Out West Coalition.
  7.  WOW Resource Guide2015 – Access phone numbers for help/support in Buckeye regarding drugs, alcohol and mental health issues.
  8. SHO_Flyer_2015 – Information regarding Buckeye’s Social Host Ordinance
  9. Fact Sheet – Rx Stimulants and Benzodiazepines-WOW Approved – Parent Resource/WOW Recommended 
  10. How to Handle it When You Catch Your Teen Using
  11. One Pill Can Kill
  13. Kratom
  14. Teen Vaping Flyer
  15. Ask About Naloxone Today
  16. What Parents Need to Know About Vaping

1. Get in the Way Tip #1

2. Get in the Way Tip #2


Getting area youth involved in leadership and success skill development.

1. Get in the Way of Procrastination

2. Get in the Way of Failure

3. Get in the Way of Disrespect
Provides parents, caregivers, healthcare providers, educators and others with educational tools, information and resources. Useful and easy to use resources to raise drug-free youth.

Recovery Village
Alcohol Abuse and Addiction Information


To report Underage Drinking:
In Buckeye call: 623-349-6400
In Maricopa County call: 602-876-1011