April 2020

FREE ACEs Webinars Hosted by Gayle Kazmierczak

If you missed the free ACEs Webinar Modules, the recordings and downloadable pdf resources are below. Refer to these resources if you missed Module 1: Module 1 PDF Recording of Module 1 ACEs Webinar: Refer to these resources if you missed Module 2: Module 2 PDF Recording of Module 2 ACEs Webinar:  


March 2020

FREE ACEs Training Events

What? There is a powerful movement sweeping the country, motivated by hope for transformation. People from all walks of life are investing in creating awareness and understanding of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences). ACEs are preventable factors that have been found to have a high correlation with risk for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, substance abuse, suicide,...


November 2019

Sizzlin’ Steak Showdown | 2nd Annual Charity

Great steak, great time and a great way to support local nonprofits who impact our youth! —



Testing Hot – Update

Posted on 7/31/20

Last January, I published an article written shortly after getting off the phone with a mother whose twenty-five-year-old son had tested “hot” for opioids. This mom was beginning to lose hope because he had been admitted into drug treatment centers multiple times. She was now wondering if she would become part of an exclusive club...


Creating Purpose

Posted on 6/30/20

The teen brain focuses on risk and excitement.  As parents, grandparents, or caring adults, there are times when we must Get in the Way and be the guiding force—and at times—foil these high-risk situations teens create or put themselves in. Get in the Way Tips were created to make raising kids easier and help you...


The Peer Factor ⁠— Get in the Way | Tip #7

Posted on 6/5/20

Parents are the #1 influence on their kids growing up. BUT, as they get older, peers take on that influence. Teen’s priorities switch from making their parents proud, to making their peers proud; a people-pleasing mentality that is detrimental when the influencer is not a positive one. So, What Can You Do? Get to know...



WOW is a community-based coalition that promotes safe and healthy choices by presenting a targeted message with a special focus on reducing alcohol, marijuana and prescription drug use in Buckeye among youth.

We seek to educate our community and implement environmental strategies that give every kid in Buckeye the opportunity to live a drug-free life.

WOW is a collaborative and cross-cultural effort represents different community sectors in the City of Buckeye including Behavioral Health, Business, Citizens, Civic, Education, Faith-based Organizations, Government, Health Care, Law Enforcement, Parents, Youth, and Youth Serving Organizations.  Coalition membership is open to any interested individual.
Get Involved!

The Way Out West Coalition is funded by the Buckeye Police Department in partnership with Youth4Youth.

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